What People Say

Bill is known throughout the gaming industry for his intelligence and for his expertise in virtual goods, payments, merchandising, and analytics. What we’ve found here at Turbine is that he’s actually across-the-board knowledgeable about both the business and technology of gaming.

Alex Galvagni

Hands down, the best manager I have ever worked for and the most technically brilliant person I have come across in my career. 

Denise Hohman

One of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. Bill is the type of executive that will get into the details and do a wonderful job of articulating both the root cause and solution. 

Patrick Meneses

Bill has been extremely valuable as an advisor to our startup.. He’s scary smart, and has a wealth of insight and relevant experience on the technical side, of course, but he also adds significant value in unexpected ways — he has a strong business sense, and understands the competing priorities we face. 

John Steinberg

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