I’ve written quite a few things over the years. Much of it has been lost, and some of it has only been captured in other people’s notes or reactions. But this page is a pointer to as much of it as I can find.

Gamasutra Blog

Gamasutra is one of the central sites for the gaming industry. It’s a collection of blogs about games, written by the community and aggregated in one website. It’s also run by the same people who put on GDC every year.

I have an expert blog there. Most of the articles are from 2016 / 2017 and are about making the case for using data to drive revenue optimization in gaming.

Presentations on Slideshare

I have two sets of presentations on Slideshare: presentations I’ve given while representing Scientific Revenue and presentations I’ve given as a free agent.

  • Scientific Revenue Presentations. These presentations are all about data science and pricing in mobile games. For the most part, they are from gaming industry conferences, and talk about Scientific Revenue technology and ideas.
  • Personal Presentations. For the most part, these are presentations I gave before Scientific Revenue, or during Scientific Revenue (but as a personal presentation, not a corporate one). They’re still mostly about technology and software development processes, though.

AI Research (Stanford SMI)

For four years I worked at Stanford University’s Section on Medical Informatics doing research in Artificial Intelligence. I was one of the primary architects on the Protege project and spent quite a bit of time thinking about how to represent knowledge, the logical structure of knowledge, how to define constraints on information, and how to classify algorithms (a.k.a. “problem-solving methods”).

Somehow, I wound up as author, or co-author, on over 50 papers. The best of which are probably these three:

The underlying vision of what I was trying to do is better understood from my presentations at the Protege conferences (Formal Aspects of Protege, Slot Widgets, and The Future of Protege) and the PAL section of the Protege wiki.

O’Reilly Books on Software Design (Old)

In the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, while I was working as an AI researcher at Stanford University, I also taught courses in distributed system design, Java programming, and software architecture at the U.C. Berkeley Extension in Redwood City. 

My book on Java RMI and my chapter in Java Enterprise Best Practices grew out of these courses.

Research Mathematics (Very Old)

In the early 1990’s, I did some work in hyperbolic group theory while a graduate student at U.C. Berkeley. The work I’m proudest of was an unpublished proof of the decision problem for hyperbolic groups (generalizing Zlil Sela’s result for the case of torsion-free hyperbolic groups).

You can find remnants of that work around the web. For example:

  • In a published paper of Swarup, where he references my work on the boundary-at-infinity of hyperbolic group (see also the mention in Bowditch’s much longer paper). The proof given here is essentially the proof I had for the cut-point conjecture.
  • My partial translation of Etienne Ghys’s book on hyperbolic group theory.  I never quite finished this, but it seems to be useful (and people are still reading it, 25 years later).