What I Do

I run a small consulting company focused on helping companies use data better.

What we do is simple: we help organizations become more data aware and move along the spectrum from “We have a BI group — they produce financial reports for the CFO” to “We’re collecting and using data to inform every aspect of our business, from product design to marketing.” I usually take roles either as a pure consultant (making recommendations to senior decision-makers) or as a fractional executive.

Why me? You can find a long list of specific jobs, degrees, etcetera on my LinkedIn page. The short version is that I’ve been a C-Level exec (CTO, Chief Data Scientist, CEO, …) for the past 20 years. As part of that, I’ve invented technologies and evangelized markets; I’ve raised venture financing; I’ve sold companies; and, not least of all,  I’ve actually shipped working product.

My customers are typically more mature companies that are looking to incorporate predictive analytics and machine learning into their products and experiencing a  “How do I get there?” moment.

Given my background, they are often (but not always) game companies working on incorporating data into their product, pricing, and user acquisition  strategies.

This almost always includes organizational and process analysis (do you have the right people? Is your organizational structure well-designed for data and analytics? Do you have the right processes in place?), mentoring (you probably have good people. But they might need a little help thinking through the new ideas), and a deep dive on product strategy (how should you be using data).

I also have a small team of expert coders and analysts who work for me and who can be deployed, as a team, on a contract basis.

And, of course, I’m available for CEO coaching, and for advisory and board roles.